Bungalow Software Trial CD

This reusable trial CD lets you try the full versions of 23 programs described on this website.

Over 1 million exercises for speech & language therapy. CD includes printed catalog and free consultation to help you pick the best programs to try.


  • Free consultation

    Purchase of the trial includes a free phone consultation with one of our helpful, experienced therapy software experts who can help you find the most appropriate therapy programs for the patient.

  • Free with purchase of any program

    Buy the Trial CD and then buy any Bungalow program within 1 month and we'll refund the price of the Trial CD to that purchase.  Or, if you purchase any program, we include all the trials on the Trial CD free.

  • 50 hours of therapy practice

    There are 23 programs on the trial CD. Most let you use each of them 5 to 10 times and some even longer. Use each program and you can get over 50 hours of use from the programs.

  • Full versions

    You get to try out everything in each  program.

    On exception: Speech Sounds On Cue's trial has only part of the program because the entire program would not fit on the trial CD.

  • 23 programs, over 1 million exercises.
  • Quick & Easy

    Just pop the CD into your computer and select the trial program you want (or install them all!).

  • Risk-free way to try therapy software.
  • Reusable

    You can share the trial CD with as many people as you like. Each computer it is used on gets a new trial of the programs. Great for support groups and therapists to loan out to patients.

  • Saves you Shipping & Handling

    If you purchase this trial CD and then later purchase a program, we can unlock the program from the CD via Email.  Especially helpful for International orders.
    This offer does not apply to Speech Sounds On Cue because that program comes on a separate CD which must always be mailed.

Product Summary

Try over two thousand dollars worth of therapy software for aphasia, speech-language therapy, and voice therapy!  Contains fully-functional trial versions of all programs on this website.

Over 20 different  interactive software programs.

Try over 1 million exercises
in over 20 programs

Bungalow trial CD  $9.50   

Trials of all programs on this website

Including programs for:

Aphasia, stroke, and brain injury

Aphasia Tutor 1: Words
Aphasia Tutor 1: Words +Outloud
Aphasia Tutor 2: Sentences
Aphasia Tutor 2: Sentences +Outloud
Aphasia Tutor 3: Story Reading
Aphasia Tutor 4: Functional Reading
Categorization and Word Relationships
Directions Following +Out Loud
Directions Following (Written)
SentenceShaper 2
Sights'n Sounds 1
Sights'n Sounds 2
Speech Sounds On Cue
Speech Prism
Synonyms, Antonyms, & Homonyms

Traffic Sign Tutor
Understanding Questions
Understanding Questions +Out Loud

Cognitive Therapy

Categories and Word Relationships

Voice Therapy

Speech Sounds On Cue


FreeForm SLP Worksheets - stop using that dreaded copy machine!

Common Questions

How long do the trials last?

Each computer gets it's own, fresh trial period with the programs. Each program has it's own trial period, which starts when you run the program the first time on that computer.  Most trials are 5 or 10 runs of the program. A few of the trials are 30 day trials.  The "5 to 10 runs" trials will still function after the trial ends, but will become limited demos; you'll be able to see a few exercises from each level. Enough to see what the program does.

Which programs are best for me?

The online Therapy Advisor helps you find the right programs in 3 minutes.

How do I order?

Order online, phone, fax, or email.

What kinds of computer do I need?

Just about any Windows PC made after 1995 will run the programs.  See Computer Requirements to the right.


Computer Requirements

Short Answer:

Nearly any Windows PC computers made since 2002 will run our programs. If you're not sure, try them out with our trial CD.  Trials are identical to the full version, only time limited.  So if the trial works, so will the full program.  You can also buy programs with our Money Back Guarantee

Detailed Answer (for computer geeks)

  • Windows:  XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

    If your computer has a Start button in the lower left comer, and it was new in 2000 or later then you've got one of those versions. There are several options for your Macintosh.

    If you have an older computer with Windows 95 or Windows 98 (which are 9 to 14 years old) you can still run all the programs except for Sights'n Sounds 2, Speech Sounds On Cue, and Sentence Shaper

  • Sound Card

    If  your PC ever plays music (even  just at start up) it has a sound card.  If it has external speakers, it probably has a sound card.  Speakers plug into the sound card.

  • CD-ROM drive

  • Microphone

    Required only for programs that record speech (Sights'n Sounds, Numbers'n Sounds, and SpeechPrism) These are inexpensive. You can buy them for $9.50

  • Screen that can display 256 or more colors.
  • 160 MB Hard Drive space (if you're installing all 23 programs).
    Most programs need about 10-20MB of storage. Typical low end PCs have 60,000 MB of storage so this usually isn't a problem